About Me

I started playing piano at about 10 years old and quickly found I had a knack for it.

At the urging of my mother I started playing classical music but in a while I started doodling with my own creations. That was the beginning of a long journey into music creation and production.

Fast forward to my 20s after a series of false starts, band breakups and near great and not so great bands, I finally started to gain some success with some of my songs. But around that time my father passed away suddenly and left our family’s machine engineering company leaderless.

Well I tried to keep one foot in both worlds – while building a recording studio (E.A.R.S.) and writing music, I was working by day building an engineering business and designing machinery. Eventually the day job won out.   Well that was a long way from my passion for music but it was part of my upbringing. I found I enjoyed (most of) it too and it actually paid the bills.

Fast forward again another few decades, I realized I had left the music business altogether but the music hadn’t left me. In fact, it was playing all on its own in my head. So I sat myself down and started to finish and record some of it in my small home studio and thanks to the internet this website was created to feature it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Some of my Musical Influences:

Leonard Bernstein
Stephen Sondheim
Nancy Ames
Peter, Paul and Mary
Dave Brubeck
Butterfield Blues Band
Bob Dylan
The Beatles
George Martin
Crosby Still and Nash
The Who
Jimmy Hendrix
Rolling Stones
Joni Mitchell
Paul Winter Consort
Miles Davis
Keith Jarrett
Stevie Wonder
Bruce Springsteen

Elton John

Others Influences and Inspirations:

Harold & Doris Galanty
Buckminster Fuller
Thomas Edison
Ayn Rand
Eric Fromm
Abraham Lincoln

and of course Randi, the one!

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